State House of Representatives
Legislative District 19

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Gail Griffin was first elected to the Arizona Senate in 2011, where she served until 2019. Griffin also served in the Arizona House from 1997 to 2001.

What you should know about Gail Griffin

In the 2022 Legislative Session Gail Griffin:
1. Voted NO on HB2338, to give adults on Medicaid dental insurance for fillings & preventative cleanings/non-emergency care.
2. Voted NO on SB1740, a water infrastructure bill.
3. Voted NO on HB2411, which sought to increase regulation of coal ash.
4. Voted YES on SB1164, which bans all abortion after 15 weeks.
5. Voted YES on SB1165, banning trans girls from participating on girls’ sports teams.
6. Voted YES on HB2166, making firearms tax exempt!
7. Voted YES on HB2414, allowing parents to bypass gun-free zones at public schools and keep loaded and unlocked weapons with reach of their cars while dropping off and picking up children.
8. Voted YES on HB2112, banning ‘critical race theory’ – subjects relating to racial and gender-based injustices censoring history.
9. Voted YES on HB2448, requiring mandatory gun safety training in schools.
10. Voted YES on HB2439 and HB2495, banning books in schools that discuss race or sexuality.
11. Voted YES on SB1514, giving clergy special privileges to enter health care facilities and ignore their safety protocols.
12. Voted YES on HB2637, forcing the state to divest from organizations that provide both abortion and sex education (ie. Planned Parenthood).
13. Voted YES on HB2811, completely prohibiting the making or distribution of abortion medication, under penalty of class 3 felony.
14. Voted YES on SB2853, expansion of school vouchers, making Arizona the largest school voucher program in the country.
15. Voted NO on HB2060, which would have expanded the eligibility for SNAP nutrition assistance.
16. Voted YES on SB1269, changing Arizona’s school funding formula to favor charter schools and would have hurt rural districts.
17. Voted YES on HCR2015 to diminish the power of voters to approve taxes at the ballot.
18. Voted YES on SB1259, making it easy to delay election results by requesting a recount when otherwise not called for.
19. Voted YES on SB1159, which weakens requirements needed to become a teacher in Arizona.
20. Voted YES on HB2319, to criminalize recording police within 8 feet.
21. Voted YES on HB2866, limiting financial aid to public school students.
22. Voted YES on HB2317, to appropriate $335 million for border wall construction.
23. Voted YES on SB1412, restricting teachers from covering historically accurate lessons on issues dealing with race, ethnicity, or gender. SB1412 would lead to censoring information about topics such as slavery and the Holocaust. SB1412 allows for individuals to file a complaint that could cause teachers to be penalized $5,000 per “infraction.”
24. Voted YES on SB1278, which attacks labor unions’ ability to collective bargain for worker healthcare and retirement plans.
25. Voted YES on SB1009, limited the ability of the governor to declare public health emergencies.
26. Voted YES on SB1211, allowing parents to pursue legal actions against public schools if school textbooks and materials are not posted 60 days in advance for public comment.
27. Voted YES on HB2238, prohibiting the use of “unmonitored” drop boxes – making voting harder for working people.
28. Voted YES on HB2498, banning state and local governments from requiring anyone to be vaccinated for COVID-19.
29. Voted YES on HB2107, prohibiting city officials from ordering businesses to close during an emergency.
30. Voted YES on HB2236, prohibiting automatic voter registration.
31. Voted YES on HB2326, requiring the police to post mugshots of undocumented people involved in any crime.
32. Voted YES on HB2289, banning electronic voting devices with few exceptions.
33. Voted YES on HB2294, prohibiting Arizona official documents from listing genders other than male or female.