about LD 19

The current Legislative District 19 (LD19) was created by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission in January 2022. There are approximately 230,000 people living in LD19. Approximately 182,000 are of Voting Age and 146,000 are registered to vote.

There are 96 precincts in Legislative District 19 from five counties. Cochise (48 precincts), Graham (20 precincts) Greenlee (8 precincts), Pima (17 precincts), and Santa Cruz (3 precincts). LD19 has the distinction of being the only legislative district in Arizona to encompass more than four counties. With only 15 counties in the state of Arizona, LD19 includes 1/3 of all Arizona counties!

Republicans make up a majority of the voter registration numbers in LD19.

Many of registered voters in LD19 are over the age of 65:

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