david gowan

State Senator
Legislative District 19

602 926-5154

David Gowan was first elected to Arizona House in 2009 where he served until 2017. Gowan has served on the board of Veritas Christian Community School.

What you should know about David Gowan:

  1. Gowan is a champion for school vouchers.
  2. Gowan is pro-life and has been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life’s PAC in each of his legislative campaigns.
  3. Gowan endorsed Joe Arpaio for State Senate.
  4. Gowan was the prime sponsor for the House mirror bill for SB1070. The U.S. Supreme Court eventually struck down SB1070.
  5. Gowan was one of 36 lawmakers who (unsuccessfully) sued Gov. Jan Brewer over implementation of ObamaCare.
  6. In 2022, Sierra Club gave David Gowan an F on their environmental Report Card.

In the 2022 Legislative Session, David Gowan:

Voted YES on SB1700 which would require the Arizona Department of Education to create and maintain a list of banned books that cannot be used in public schools.
Voted YES on SB1707 to expand school vouchers.
Voted YES on SB1657 and SB2853 to expand school vouchers (AGAIN).
Voted YES on SB1514 giving clergy special privileges to enter health care facilities and ignore their safety protocols.
Voted YES on HB2439 and HB2495 banning books in schools that discuss race or sexuality.
Voted YES on HCR2015 to diminish the power of voters to approve taxes at the ballot.
Voted YES on SB1093 which allows tax cuts for commercial property.
Voted YES on SB1643 to give corporations more tax cuts.
Voted YES on SB53 for expanding unaccountable, ill-targeted private school vouchers.